Secondary Reading and Writing Program


A second level of training will be offered to graduates of the ‘Secondary General Pedagogy’ Program in Ouanaminthe. The program will reinforce techniques in Reading and Writing at the secondary level, with example lesson plans being directly associated with French and History.  Integration of reading and writing into these content areas will be discussed with groups of 15 to 20 teachers and directors from all secondary schools in Ouanaminthe.  Pwof Ansanm will provide 32 hours of instruction concurrently with the General Pedagogy Seminars, to begin in April and in July/August 2010.  Training will be reinforced through the construction of ‘teaching kits’ which will be available for the teachers to use in their classrooms.

The program is being developed in collaboration with Columbia Teachers’ College and CCNY.  It is being directed by Lesley Bartlett and Patricia Velasco of Columbia Teachers’ College, with consultation from Tatyana Kleyn (CCNY), and Emily Miksic (Research Triangle Institute).  It is, in part, funded by a grant from the Gertrude Whipple Fund of the International Reading Association (IRA).