Welcome to Pwof Ansanm

An Non-Profit Organization benefitting grassroots
education and development initiatives in Haiti

Haiti is a former slave colony with a unique and lyrical language, and a primary religion (Haitian voodou) which is among the world's richest and most unique. At the same time: the poorest country in the western hemisphere, with a 52% illiteracy rate, and 80% of the population living in abject poverty. Infrastructure, education, income, healthcare: every obstacle in Haiti is exacerbated by the others. In the words of a Haitian proverb, these obstacles are "mountains beyond mountains."

Pwof Ansanm is founded on the belief that self-reliance and progressive educational practices are the best starting point for Haiti's ascent from its national crises. Only through international collaboration can Haiti secure the resources needed to provide for its citizens. Only through national autonomy, brought on by spirit and determination, can Haiti free itself from dependence upon the shaky promises of Western governments.

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